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Some of my mission with this site is to hopefully inspire you! To nudge you to stop, or even slow down, and pay attention to your surroundings. To B R E A T H E deeply! To ‘realign’ with your truth–of who you are in essence, as well as face towards your full potential.

I began research into building this site, and organizing my work when the pandemic began, to further focus myself on a positive, aligning-with-God activity. As time passed, after reflecting on how I could personally ‘make a difference’, I felt compelled to share these scenes with those who, for some reason, cannot get out into the country areas to witness them.

Like in the big picture, nature teaches us that patience and balance are keys to the doors of right living. To me, it is balance in giving and receiving; in doing and being; in creative time and ‘regular’ work time….you get the idea. Perhaps many have been learning this over the past year.

This is my reasoning behind choosing the word “realign”. After getting congested with: my inherent need to make everyone else happy (aka aligning too much with others); my petty ego concerns about low vibe stuff (comparing myself to others; self pity about this or that–aka victim thinking; getting drawn into others’ “he said/she said” dramas…), I am READY to ‘Realign’ myself with my Light truth!

When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy”. ~ Dalai Lama

To uncoil from all of that noise, I need to be alone for a little while. Alone in nature with a camera, in a garden caring for plants, at my drawing table, baking in the kitchen….ENGAGED in an interactive-with- Source- process that makes my heart sing!

What does realigning mean to you??

I feel as if I am capturing postcards from Source. Discovering each scene makes me feel like I did as a child, when I’d open the mailbox to find a card just for me–with a colourful, glossy picture on the front. I felt SO EXCITED to receive such a gift AND so happy for the sender–that they were obviously having such an adventure!

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees”. ~ John Muir


I’ve been a seeker, which has led me to live in various places around the globe. Opportunities for new life chapters have led me to reside in a few Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario). I was fortunate to spend a summer living and working abroad during college, which was an incredible education in itself! I’ve back-packed around Europe, and travelled to some Caribbean places–am so grateful to have had these travel experiences.

Picking up a camera initially around age 10, “postcards” were everywhere!–from the family dog to people to country scenes. Putting down the camera for years at a time (due to laziness or distraction), has not deterred the Universe to boomerang the message back…I’ve been gifted with cameras repeatedly during my adult life!

Presently, I live in Ontario and pack my camera each time I go out. Four years ago, I was gifted with a DSLR camera. and since then I’ve considered photography to be a “hobby”. It is only over the last year that I began gifting my images in greeting cards and prints to family and friends.

My resistance has been pretty significant to share my art with the public! However, it has now abated, thanks mostly to the patient coaching and persistent encouragement of my closest friends–two of whom are artists themselves. Their support is cherished beyond words!

How have I learned? Figuring it out on my own….and studying / listening to the teachings of advanced photographers, both in person and online. I cringe at the tedium of manuals, yet notice the pages of mine are finally becoming worn after repeated photo botch-ups that I made, trying to wing it on my own. I was using the camera on my phone as well, yet the more I learn, the more I prefer the actual camera! Go figure.

My absolute favourite subject is obviously NATURE…big sky and water scenes call me pretty loudly. Going forward, I’d like to experience ANIMAL kingdom subjects a little more. Feline, canine and equine subjects in particular, enchant me with their unique characters and quirky ways of expressing unconditional love.

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