Post #4 Aligning…in the Bod

copyright: Raine Eller

Ever had the feeling upon waking that your body went on a rickety old roller coaster during the night without your approval? That’s how I awoke the other morning–feeling crumpled and sore. It is definitely the opposite of how I like to feel ‘aligned’ in my body! Realizing that I had omitted to stretch or yoga around the time of doing some pretty physical work a couple days prior….duh!

I have recently learned a little about the Wim Hof method. For anyone who is not familiar, it promotes the importance of proper breathwork and cold water therapy. I am presently trying it out myself….gradually! So far, it is quite exhilerating and really beyond adequate description in this single blogpost. I think it’s a research-it-yourself kinda thing: take what resonates and apply it to your life if you feel so inclined.

I felt remarkably aligned after my first visit to an Osteopath–I likened it, at the time, to a bottle brush being inserted in the spine. Felt very straight and quite clean…the brain fog had dissipated too, which was a bonus. There is definitely a connection to feeling well physically from body therapies like that, along with getting regular physical movement and eating well.

I only go to the Chiroractor occasionally nowadays, which equates to the need for more discipline with my fitness schedule. “Gotta find the dolphins” I say. This is my goofy way of encouraging myself to ‘just do it’. The resulting endorphin increase is reward in itself. Discipline to ‘move it, move it’, is often challenging, yet there’s nothing like the feeling after the sweat, don’t you think?

As far as eating well goes, VOLUMES have been written about doing so healthily. What is healthy for me might not be so for you! Throughout my teenage years, I engaged in some pretty outragious yo-yo dieting. My body had ballooned up in weight from emotional overeating. It was SO comforting though, to numb my feelings with sugar and carbs! “Didn’t everyone do this?”, I used to ponder. It all realigned nicely though, after extensive work on my emotional, mental and spiritual health.

I learned along the way, that what I think contributes DIRECTLY to what I feel. So my goal remains today, to train my brain and keep it that way to the best of my ability! Then my feelings are much easier to navigate through. Feelings, like everything else on this planet, are temporary. I now breathe through them and express / release them so much more appropriately . Back to food– today I see it as fuel. While I endeavour to keep it clean for what my body needs, I feel it’s imperative to have fun and be creative about it at the same time!

Hyacinths are NOT edible!!! Hibiscus, Lavender, Nasturtiums and Calendula ARE!!! 🙂 Copyright: Raine Eller

As with our breathing, what goes in, must go out. Reflecting on the daily constitution this morning…! How it is mandatory to have sufficient and consistent bowel movements to feel clean in ones’ body…and in ones’ mind! I recently heard an eyebrow-raising exerpt from an article on a Dalai Lama interview. In it, he shared that there was nothing like a healthy daily constution! I felt befuddled by this (I guess I was surprised to learn that he was human). However, once I pivoted my perspective, I thought, “how refreshingly candid!”.

We used to discuss optimal defecation aspects in the supplement department I worked in. A colleague of mine delighted in googling pictures of healthy end results. I’m serious. I think it’s like some supplements…if we have one a day, we are SO much more effective, for ourselves and for the others we interact with along the way. Anyways, customers were often coming in to the natural health department inquiring about products that might help with this particular challenge. Yes, there were red faces at times, yet often–much laughter.

I also learned a TON when I went for Colonics! There is a definite connection between the health of the gut / intestines and the productivity of the brain…of course, much has been written on this as well! 🙂

It’s such a vital system in the body, and obviously affected by many spokes on the wheel. May you feel aligned within your body today!

Copyright: Raine Eller

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