HOW TO DO SO? Peruse the gallery and blog for the photo/s you are choosing. Complete the form below….Include the photo name/s, what type of print product you’d like from list below, and your direct email. Payment will be via etransfer. No tax, as I am not in that bracket yet.

  1. GREETING CARDS MACRO FLORALS make the best cards, in my opinion…however, it is your choice! You can have all six the same or a variety pack. Large size greeting cards are available The actual photo is on photo paper, not just a print. It measures 4″ x 6″. The card itself is a quality white cardstock measuring 5.5″ x 7.5″ There are six cards + envelopes in a package. Price = $30 FREE SHIPPING shipping anywhere in Ontario.

2. MEDIUM SIZED FRAMED PRINTS 5″ x 7″ Photograph in black frame with acid free mat (with prop and hanging hardware on back). Price = $53 FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN ONTARIO

3. SUPER SIZE 20″ x 24″ Photograph laminated on masonite for a rejuvinating view of Nature in your home or office ! Price = $195 FREE LOCAL DELIVERY within Norfolk County OR Shipped to you – fees extra

4. 2021 WALL CALENDERS 8.5″ x 11″ Full Colour Macro Florals (one each month) This is my first ever calender project! Feels aligned with my mission to offer the vibrant, uplifting colours of nature for your home, office or workshop space! Photos coming soon, due to tech challenges…..or you can view cover on Instagram at @realignphoto 12 months Price = $55 each Free shipping in Ontario, Canada


If you are in a position to do so and feel so inclined, you are welcome to make a donation after perusing my website gallery. Even if you ‘buy me a coffee’, that is welcome! ($5.00) You can do so by interact etransfer. My email address is: rainaeller@gmail.com It is set up to receive etransfers with a security question & answer. Simply forward the answer to your question in a separate email. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank You!


Are you a : Cafe / Restaurant / Gallery / Inn / Hotel / Wellness Centre manager or owner who is looking for some visual aesthetics for your customers, patients or guests??? Contact Raine directly to arrange a meeting about business collaboration– possibilities to bring Nature Images indoors to your space to encourage/ uplift / strengthen everyone!


I am amenable to photographing horse, cat, dog, lama, pig, cow, goat… subjects for fundraising projects!–(no charge for non profit animal sanctuaries). Feeling passionate about animal advocacy, I like to support any way that I can.


To collaborate with Raine, place a custom order or simply to say hello, please do so here…