Post #3 Summer Solstice Lens

So, what exactly DOES a photographer see? Besides the F-stop number, the ISO settings and the degree of light where they are shooting…..? I see the beauty everywhere in nature, that’s for sure!

Sunset Light Dance June, 2020 Copyright Raine Eller

This evening, I feel nostalgic while gazing at the sun’s horizontal spotlight on the trees. I recall summer evenings as a kid, at my grandparents’ home. I remember not wanting the day to end–it was always full of fun, learning and love. Garden exploring and swinging on the homemade Willow tree swing were two faves. There were always things to learn: about toads, butterflies, birds. Their home and coach house were full of fascinating things, which I loved to explore.

It was there that I fell in love with morning glory flowers. They seemed to me (and still do) so happy to be alive! Despite the long, twisty, slender stem, they made blooming where they were planted seem so celebratory. That’s an expression my grandmother used to say, “Bloom where you’re planted” (much to the chagrin of this recovered gypsy).

“Find the love you seek, by first finding the Love within Yourself. Learn to REST in that place within you– that is your true Home.” ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Now as I bask in the vibrance of the red geraniums outside the dining room window, I feel grounded and grateful. Grateful for the fat toad that posed for a photo this afternoon; for the fabulous yellow butterfly that flitted by earlier; for the lush emerald greens outside; for a bright sunny day at home.

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